Ahlul Bait Syiah : Biographies of 14 Masoomeen, The Miracle of Imam

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Syiah Biographies of 14 Masoomeen

Ahlul bait – A beautiful glowing child took birth at Saraya a place near Medina. His father Imam Jawad the guide and master of Shia’s and mother whose name was Samana was a pious and noble ladmeam Jawad was very happy to see his baby and thankful Allah.


The Abbasi Caliph who spent most of his time during Imam Hadi’s period is Mutawakkii. He was a very cruel and injust Caliph. His minister Abdullah lbne Yahya Ibne Khakan also provoked him very much to torture the Ahlul bait (a.s.) Mutawakkil had avery strange enemity and rivaiary with the family of Imam Ali (a.s.).

If he ever came to know that someone loved the Ahlulbait he used to confiscate this property actions secretly suring Mutawakkil period so that no one could see him while meeting the shias.

Mohammad Bin Sharaf says , “i was going to Medina with Imam Hadi (as) and the Imam asked me,

” You are Sharaf‘s son?”

Sharaf , I said yes. Then Sharaf tried to ask the imam about something and the Imam said, ” We are travelling at the moment and it is not right to ask anything at this place.”


Abu Hashim Jafri says, “Once I became upset because of extreme poverty and so I went to ImamAIi Naqi (3.3.). He permitted me to sit near me and I sat down.

The Imam said, ” O Abu Hashim! Do you have the capacity to thankAllah for which one of the blessing that he has bestowed upon you?”

Abu Hashim, “I kept quiet and looked at the Imam not knowing what to say.”

The Imam himself replied, ” Alalh has gifted you belief so hell is,upon you God has goiven you health and with it He helps you to obey Him.He has given you contentment with which he has safeguard your respect among people.”

Then the Imam said, “O Abu Hashim! I reminded you all of this became I thought that, is it that you are here to complain about Him who has given you everything.” I have ordered my servant to give you 100 dinaars, take itfrom him.”


Masoodi says, “day Mutawakkil ordered three ferocious animals to be brought to his palaceWhen the animals were brought he invited Imam Ali Naqi (as) to his palace we and just after his arrival he pordered that all the gates of the palace to be closed and the Imam to be left alone with the animals.

The people saw that the fericious animals stood quiet near the Imam and the Imam was caressing them kindly.

The courtiens seeing this said to Mutawakkil, ” Did you see Imam Ali Naqi’s graceful prersonality & greatness . He was caressing the heads of those ferocious animals & the animals were standing next to him obediently! You also treat the animals like him.”

Hearnig this Mutawakkil said, “Do you want to kill me” And he warned them not to tell this incident to anyone.

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