One Piece: The Overlooked Detail of Zoro's Past!
One Piece: The Overlooked Detail of Zoro's Past!

One Piece: The Overlooked Detail of Zoro’s Past!

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One Piece – Why does Roronoa Zoro always train in his spare time? Why then did he want to become the greatest and strongest swordsman in the world?

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One Piece: The Overlooked Detail of Zoro’s Past!

These two questions are still a mystery to this day. Zoro is known as a hard worker. Since childhood, Zoro has been practicing hard, you could even say that he has physical abilities above his peers.

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Until now, we still don’t know much about Zoro’s past. We don’t know who his family is or anything related to his past.

Maybe one day Oda can start telling all of that before the One Piece story is completely finished.

In the Whole Cake Island arc, we finally see the past of one of the Straw Hats crew, Sanji.

Sanji turns out to have a very sad and heartbreaking past.

Maybe that sad life story then became the reason for the reaction from Sanji who looked so cold when he heard the story from Cricket.

Sanji probably remembered his past. There is an interesting thing that Zoro also pointed out regarding the details of his past.

In chapters 807-810 we saw the same reaction when Zoro heard the story from Wanda.

One Piece: The Overlooked Detail of Zoro's Past!
One Piece: The Overlooked Detail of Zoro’s Past!

Zoro seemed to understand or have a connection with the same story as what Wanda revealed.

This gave rise to speculation among fans. What if Zoro (or his family) had experienced an extraordinary defeat, which made Zoro ultimately motivated to become a strong figure?

Some fans who believe in this think that there must be a reason why Zoro wants to work hard and train hard from an early age.

In fact, for Zoro’s age, he was the one who was harder and harder to practice. It is believed that trauma is able to motivate a child to develop even more.

In addition, Zoro also has a promise to his childhood friend, Kuina, that he must keep, namely to become the greatest swordsman in the world.

Discussions about Zoro have always been interesting and have always succeeded in making fans curious. Especially regarding his past, which is still mysterious.

Is it really past trauma that motivates Zoro to become stronger?

Hopefully, Oda Sensei can immediately provide an explanation or answer regarding this matter.

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