IMAM JAFAR’S PARENTS, Biography of 14 Masoomeen

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IMAM JAFAR’S PARENTS, Biography of 14 Masoomeen – His father was Imam Mohd. Baqar (a.s.) and his mother was a highly pious lady.Her name was Fatima and she is famous as Umme Farwa.

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IMAM JAFAR’S PARENTS, Biography of 14 Masoomeen

She was the daughter of Qasim, the son of Mohd. Ibne Abi Bakr.Qasim was the maternal cousin of Imam Sajjad (a.s.) and he was considered among the chief scholars of shias an was also among the special campanionsof Imam sajjad (a.s.).

The historians Ahle sunnat too have agreed for him that he was a great lover of imam sajjad (a.s.) and a famous scholar.

He passed away in 112 Hijri at the age of 72 years in Medina.

Janabe Umme Farwa ,the daughter of Hazrat -Qasim was the most lady among the women of her times.

She was so pious and noble that her son Imam sadiq was remembered by the little of ‘Ibn-uI-Mokarrama’ which means the son of the respectful mother.

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None of the Imam expect Imam sadiq (a.s.) got the wonderful opportunity to carry out the religious responsibilities I the society on a wide range.

Imam sadiq (a.s.) took advantage o the time and propogated the true and ractical instructions of islam.

He established the religious institutions and a university to spread islam and invited the people of the world toards the real and actuall islam.

This grace period came to imam sadiq (as) because at that time two tyrant tribes viz: Bani Umaiyads and Bani Abbas was passing with each for attaining pwer and their entire time was passing I this confusion alone.

So the Imam made the best use of this.He populrised the Islamic theories ad laws which were approved and accepted by the Imam before Imam sadiq (a.s.).

He gave a completely new soul and life to islam and the moslema by training his chief disciples.

He gave a new life to the escent of Ghadeer and the loyalty towards Ali (as) after the Prophet (Pbuh) (that were forgotten immediately after the prophet’s demise and explained the meaning of Hazrat Zehra’s speech for the people

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Imam sadiq (a.s.) lived in Medina but when the Cliphate reached in the hands of Bani Abbas then Abdullah safah, the first Caliph of Bini Abbas called the Imam from Medina to Iraq but seeing his kind and good behaviuor he set the Imam free.

Imam went back to Medina. But when the throne was occupied by Mansoor Dawanaki the Second Caliph pf Bani Abbbas in 145 Hijri, he insulted the Imam very much.

Called the Imam from Iraq to Kufa to keep an eye on him.

During that time he called the Imam to his court for 5 times with the plan to kill him but considering the imam’s miracles and other issues he gave up his plan of killing the Imam and the Imam came back to Medina.


The reasons behind Imam sadiq’s high status ans honour for his knowledge are many which is accepted both by the shia and sunni scholarsThe greatness of scholars and the wisest of men used to bow before his knowledge.

Aceepted the knowledge an greatness of imam and considered their own knowledge very small infront of the imam’s wisdom. Abu Hanifa, the Imam of Hanti community says

“In many times entire life I have never seen a scholargreaterthan Jafar Ibne Mohammad.” Abu Hanifa’s says that

“One day Mansoor said to me that people have become stumunch followers of Jafar Ibn Mohammad.

Therefore, prepare come typical and mysterious questionare in order to bring dowhn his popularity.

I compiled 4O complex question. Then one day Mansoor called me to a place called Hira.

When I reached there I saw the jafar Ibn Mohammad was also present there.

The moment I saw him I was so influenced by his greatness and magnetic personality that I had never felt before in my Iife.

No one had influenced me like this earlier. I saluted him and satdown.”

Mansoor said to Imam ,
“This is Abu Hanifa”
“I know him”
Then Msnsoor said,
“ Put your questions before Abu Abdullah”
I started asking the Imam the questions that I

had with me already prepared. Imam kept on answering and was telling that in this situations this is your belief. Ahle medina follow this belief and my own son belief in this.

On some issues his opinion was similar to ours.On others it was as per the people of Medina and in presented issues he was against the beliefs . In this way the presented before the Imam 4O complex situations and he very nicely answered all ofthem,

When Abu Hanifa realized the status of imam’s knowledge and wisdom he looked at the crowd and said,

“He ( the Imam) alone is the wisest ol all the scholars to clarify the religion doubts and dispites related to ‘Fatwas’ among the people.

Teaching session in Msjid-EKheef:

People whether shia or sunni were so fond of his knowledge and morality that they were desperate to gain from his wisdom while travelling also,An example if this is –Once when the Imam set out for Haj and reached Mina then he conducted a teaching session there in the mosque of kheef that was attented by around 200 people.

Some of his disciples are. Humraan Bin Aayun Shaibani, Abdulah Bin Abi Yaghfor,Mufazza Bin Umaerofi, Jabir Bin HayyanAnsari.

One day Abdullah Ibne Shibramma, a scholar of the Ahle Sunnat who was the judge of Kufa during the period of Mansoor Dawanki came toattend the session of Imam in Masjid-e-Kufa and said,

” O! Aba Abdullah, we pass ourjudgement as per the Holy Qoran and the prinicles laid down in it and when we don’t find any solution for a problem in Qoran and suunah in this case we give the judgement according to our own opinion . Is this correct?

The holy Imam who was answering the questions of his students did not give him any attention. He repeated himself thrice then the students became quiet and the Imam turned towards him and asked him,

” What kind of a person was Ali Bin Abutalib (a.s.) Shibrama appreciated Hazrat Ali (as) a lot.Now the Imam said,

” Anty person who used his own will opinion and thoughts in Allah’s will sand passed the judgement according to his opinion.HzratAli (as) used to stay away from such people.”

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