Famous tourist attractions in London England – The UK is a very popular tourist destination in the world. The country has 17 world heritage sites, music festivals, best beaches and world-class games.

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England has a long and culturally rich civilization history. Every year the UK welcomes 25 million international tourists. Tourism has an important role in this country.

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Famous Tourist Attractions In London England

Following are Famous Tourist Attractions In London England

London Eye

The London Eye is a tourist attraction situated on the banks of the River Thames, in London. Has a height of 443 feet. We can see a range of about 25 miles as far as the eye can see. It attracts more than three and a half million visitors every year.

The building was opened in 1999 by former prime minister Tony Blair. There are 32 capsules specifically for air-conditioned passengers. Has a seating capacity that can accommodate 800 people.

Visitors can stand and walk in the capsule. The London eye is also disabled friendly and offers special treatment. Free.

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Natural History Museum, London

This museum is very famous in the world. Contains 70 million items. Such as mineralogy, botany, entomology, zoology and paleontology.

This museum collection includes important specimens. Pioneer Charles Darwin. Has high scientific and historical value.

There are 4 main zones of this museum. 4 specific colors. The first is the green zone, which regulates the environment, planet, life and evolution.

The second red zone, about how planets form and change.

Third, the blue zone is the diversity of life on Earth.
The four orange zones, concentrate wild life and Charles Darwin’s discoveries.

This museum is famous for its collection of dinosaur skeletons and ice age giants.

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Windsor Castle

The magnificent Windsor Castle is located in Berkshire, England. Windsor Castle was chosen by Queen Elizabeth II as a weekend home and also the location for important state ceremonies.

Windsor Castle has an area of 13 hectares. Rebuilt 1066 by the Normans. Then modified. The tour offers about the royal family.

Tours are also available at Windsor castle. Your guide will take you to the historic sites of Windsor Castle. From the terrace of the castle you can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding places.

Tower of London

This tower is located on the banks of the River Thames, London. Is a world heritage site. William the Conqueror builds Tower of London 1066. Famous Tourist Attractions In London England.

It used to be a palace and defense system. The Tower of London is home to the crown jewels of Great Britain. As part of royal mint.

The collection on the tower of London includes extraordinary diamonds, Queen Elizabeth’s crown, imperial crown, coronation spoons and other jewelery used by the Queen. The museum in the tower houses a collection of King George V bear skins.

The white towers were built to frighten off invaders. There is a 300 year old royal arsenal stored inside a white tower.


Stonehenge is located 10 miles north of Salisbury, on the Salisbury Plains. This is a very famous prehistoric monument in Europe.

This place is very popular. Visitors must purchase a ticket in advance to enter.

In addition, we can visit the original replica of the Neolithic House. There are tools and applications of Neolithic life from 4,500 years ago. (*)


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