Do not ignore the provision of an ambulance
Do not ignore the provision of an ambulance

Do Not Ignore The Provision of an Ambulance

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Do not ignore the provision of an ambulance. Procurement of an ambulance complete with medical personnel at the DPRD Sulsel office needs to be discussed. Until now, this medical device seems to have been ignored.

Member of the DPRD of South Sulawesi, Fachruddin Rangga, asked the South Sulawesi provincial government (Pemprov) to instruct the health department to budget it. Immediately, don’t delay any longer.

Even though it was only one ambulance unit. However, complete with all the amenities. The reason is, don’t miss it again.

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One of them is what happened to the late Ince Langke, who did not receive first aid according to safety standards during a meeting of the budget board (Banggar) on Tuesday, September 8.

“But the procurement must be complete. Don’t just take an ambulance,” he said, Wednesday, September 9.

South Sulawesi DPRD Secretary, M Jabir, said that this procurement plan had been proposed for a long time. But it has never been realized.

So far there are only clinics. Serving blood pressure checks and only general practitioners on duty.

“The clinic in South Sulawesi DPRD has incomplete facilities. It’s time to complete it,” he hoped.

Regional Secretary (Sekda) of South Sulawesi, Abdul Hayat Gani, promised to immediately instruct the health office to budget related health facilities in the DPRD of South Sulawesi.

“I agree with this. There must be. It will soon be discussed at the health office,” he promised.

# Do not ignore the provision of an ambulance

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