Cakada to Really Pay Attention
Cakada to Really Pay Attention

Cakada to Really Pay Attention to The Covid-19

Chairman of the South Sulawesi KPU, Faisal Amir, emphasized that his party had repeatedly reminded each regional head candidate (Cakada) to really pay attention to the Covid-19 health protocol. Mainly, social distance.

It’s just that, said Faisal, in reality there are still some Cakada who do not heed the appeal. Therefore, it is necessary to have a joint agreement with Cakada for the declaration of the integrity pact. Ask for their commitment to adhere to health protocols.

“Indeed, declarations like this are not regulated in the Election stage. However, we can make them as long as there is mutual agreement,” he said.

Even if there is a Cakada who disagrees with this fact of integrity. The organizers will also be able to use the Election Law to impose sanctions if someone violates the Covid-19 health protocol.

“All of this is of course so that, for the good of us together. There should not be any new clusters again,” he concluded.

The vice mayor of Makassar, Munafri Arifuddin and the deputy mayor of Makassar, Rahman Bando, emphasized that they strongly agree on the existence of this fact of integrity. They hope that this will provide more compliance for all Cakada in implementing the Covid-19 health protocol.

“We, Appi-Rahman, always remind us to pay attention to the Covid-19 health protocol. Not only volunteers but all levels of society. Likewise with all Cakada in the simultaneous regional elections,” said Appi, Munafri Arifuddin’s nickname.

Regarding disqualification, Appi said, Cakada must be ready to accept the consequences if the Covid-19 health protocol continues to be violated in the future.

“This is indeed our program to Eradicate Covid-19 in Makassar. According to our tagline Makassar Rises,” he explained.

Appi explained, one form of commitment so far in eradicating Covid-19 in Makassar is that every Appi-Rahman volunteer must undergo a swab test. Likewise, every volunteer is asked to invite the community to take the swab test.

“Another concrete evidence, of course, is that Appi-Rahman now has a Covid-19 Ambassador. This is one of our real actions to eradicate this virus in Makassar,” he explained.

Not much different from Cakada Imran Yasin Limpo and Zunnun Nurdin Halid. Both also admitted that they were ready to uphold this fact of integrity.

Through the Spokesperson for None-Zunnun, Arvelia Arifin, admitted that actually Cakada with the Immun tagline was committed to suppressing the spread of Covid-19 and implementing strict health protocols for all volunteers

“One of the proofs we can see is during the registration of September 4-6. Maybe only Immun did not mobilize the masses when he registered at the Makassar KPU on Friday, September 4 yesterday,” said Arvelia.

Immun’s real action so far, said Arvelia, is that None-Zunnun actively conducts a swab test and also a rapid test for all volunteers.

“If there is a signing of the fact of integrity for the common good, surely None-Zunnun or Imun is ready to take part,” he said.

# Cakada to Really Pay Attention

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