Buffalo Market in North Toraja South Sulawesi Indonesia

Buffalo Market in North Toraja South Sulawesi Indonesia

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Bolu Market in Rantepao

There is pattolo bola rangke which is food made out of bamboo sprouts and also patto/o pamarrasan which is fish/ chicken/ eel that is cooked using pamarrasan.

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The varied items and experience that is offered by the Bolu Market in Rantepao will surely make you not want to leave the place too quickly so to be able to deepen the understanding of one of Indonesia’s most unique ethnicity and culture. Buffalo Market in North Toraja.

Bolu Market is located on the road connecting Rantepao and Palopo, North Toraja. Access to the market is quite easy, only 2 kilometers from the city of Rantepao and can be reached using public transports (pete pete).

The tariff is cheap at only 5,000 rupiahs and only takes 10 minutes to get there. You will find a thick row of trees and would become a refreshing site from behind the windows of the public transport.

The market is open once a week from 7:00 am till 6:00 pm WITA (Indonesian Central Time).

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