Buffalo Market in North Toraja South Sulawesi Indonesia

Buffalo Market in North Toraja South Sulawesi Indonesia

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Tedong Teken Langit is a type of buffalo that has crossed horns (one pointed upwards, the other pointed downwards), then there’s Tedong Balian which is a type of buffalo that has been emasculated so it produces long and large horns, and then there’s Tedong Kudu which is a regular black buffalo and is also the cheapest.

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In the Toraja society, buffaloes have an important role, especially in cultural and economical values. The Torajanese consider these Tedong or Buffaloes as sacred animals that will become the vehicle for the dead in travelling to Puya or the spiritual realm.

Buffaloes are then regarded to be able to indicate social levels for those who can afford to buy them. The numbers of buffaloes, which are served at dead ceremony, become a benchmark of welfare for the family that conducts the traditional ceremony.

Apart from buffaloes, there are also many Pigs. Pigs that are sold here consist of two types, the Baby Pig and the Adult Pig.

The Baby Pig is priced around 750 thousand to 900 thousand rupiah per animal, while the Adults Pig costs between 3 t0 9mi/Iion rupiah.

You can also find Pigs, which prices reach hundreds of million rupiahs if its weight is almost equal to that of a buffalo.

When examining the prices of each Buffalo and Pig sold at the market, it becomes clear as to how the Bolu haditional market produces turnovers of trillion rupiahs on every market day.

Other than livestock, the market is also famous throughout tourists as a place to buy unique Torajanese souvenirs such as robusta and arablca coffee.

Natural produce such as spices, vegetables, and fruits are also found in abundance at the market.

Buffalo Market in North Toraja. The Bolu Market in Rantepao has also become a place to find typical Torajanese accessories.

There are many kinds of accessories, which are sold as souvenirs such as the Tongkonan house miniature (Torajanese house), key chains, Tora/a knives, Toraja-motif shirts, Toraja carvings, and women’s accessories such as Toraja-motif necklaces, scarfs, bags, and fabric.

Various culinary is also served here, especially local food such as papiong which is chicken/ pig/ buffalo/ fish meat mixed together with seasoning and vegetables then cooked inside bamboos and roasted in a furnace.