Buffalo Market in North Toraja South Sulawesi Indonesia

Buffalo Market in North Toraja South Sulawesi Indonesia

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Buffalo Market in North Toraja

Buffalo Market in North Toraja. Bolu Market At Rantepao The Center For Cattle Trade With Turnovers Reaching Trillions.

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Hundreds of Buffaloes and Pigs are traded at the Bolu Animal Market located at Rantepao, North Toraja, in South Sulawesi. The prices also vary from those, which can be purchased at million rupiahs up to those priced at billion rupiahs.

This weekly traditional market is not only busy because of the buyers, but also crowded with visits from foreign and local tourists.

The Bolu Market has now become even more interesting because it does not only function as a shopping center but also as a cen ter for the culture and civilization of the Toraja ethnic society.

The market day at Toraja falls 1 on every sixth day. That is why the Bolu Market is busy only once a week.

At the market, the main trading commodities are buffaloes and pigs. These livestock are often bought for the requirements of Torajanese funeral ceremonies and holiday ceremonies such as Christmas and New Years.

On the market day or on the day where a funeral ceremony is taking place, the number of buffaloes being sold can reach up to more than

500. This does not yet include the number of pigs that fill up trading spots around the market. Buyers here never hesitate with their purchases.

300 Buffaloes

They spend an enormous amount of money because just one funeral ceremony can serve more than 300 buffaloes, sometimes more than the number of pigs.

There are many types of Buffalo (which in the Toraja language is called Tedong) that can be found at the Bolu Market, among others:

Tedong Saleko or also called the bule buffalo which costs the most and can reach up to billions of rupiahs per animal, Tedong Bonga is a type of buffalo that has a head similar to Tedong Saleko but with gray or black body.