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Andrie Wongso

Blast Furnace Minecraft, The Blocking Stone

And despite being very tired after working the entire day, he was still willing to move the stone away from the middle of the street. Upon doing so, this young man was so surprised to see a thing under the stone he had just moved.

A letter and a box, the letter said, “To my people who are willing to move this Ban Jiao Shi, blocking stone. Since you have shown your diligence and care towards others, please accept the 5 gold coins in the box as the gift from your king.”

That poor young man immediately bowed down his head to thank his king for his generosity. The story spread out into the whole town. Blast Furnace Minecraft.

The king had been successful in teaching the importance of diligence and care towards others, as well as bravery to face obstacles. In our daily life, whether it is in career, business or other professional world, we must have faced Ban Jiao Shi “the blocking stone” as described above.

The blocking stone can mean obstacles, difficulties, burdens or responsibilities in our life. If we face all the above-mentioned problems impatiently, angrily, or try to escape or blame others as trouble makers, we will never learn much from life.

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In fact, in all difficulties, there must be a blessing in disguise, and there must be lessons that can develop our minds.

Obviously, we need such a mentality that the young man had; bravery to face obstacles, refusal to give up when facing obstacles, possessing enough care towards others’ need and environment, toughness to hold burden, dare to bear a big responsibility.

If this is the kind of mentality we have, I am sure that a big promising chance is lurking around every blocking stone that hinders our progress.

Right now, there must be problems as blocking stones that prevent our progress; there is no other way in dealing with them except to crush every blocking stone! Let us all strengthen our mentality, keep up our fighting spirit to face every problem for the sake of better condition, more sue cessful and more meaningful.

“Behind all the blocking stones there must be a blessing in disguise, and there must be a lesson that can develop our mentality. Face every blocking stone bravely.” (*)

By: Andrei Wongso – Wisdom Success  

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