Blast Furnace Minecraft.
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Blast Furnace Minecraft, The Blocking Stone

Blast Furnace Minecraft

Blast Furnace Minecraft. Once open a time there lived a very wise and clever king who had a unique idea to test his people’s diligence and care to the country. On one afternoon, silently the king put a big stone in the middle of a street that people used a lot.

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The stone was just right in the center of the street which was not nice looking and blocking people’s way around. Apparently, the king wanted to see how his people reacted to such a disturbance on the street.

Not long after then, a farmer passed by that particular street with his heavy carts loading lots of stuff. When he saw the stone, immediately he grumbled, “What lazy people we have here. a big dangerous stone is not moved out of the street”.

While complaining, he kept on moving on though, by avoiding that particular stone. A few moments later, a soldier passed by, singing a victorious song remembering his bravery on the battlefield.

Due to his excitement, he was not careful enough that he tripped over the stone. “Darn. ..! Why wouldn’t people who pass this street move the stone!” This soldier kept on swearing while swinging his sword around.

And though he was complaining and upset, he didn’t do anything. On the contrary, he stepped over the stone and walked away.

Some time afterward, a young poor man passed by the street. When looking at the blocking stone, he quietly said to himself, “It’s getting dark, if people pass this street and are not careful enough, they will trip over this stone.”

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