Mappabotting, The Buginese Tradisional Wedding Ceremony
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Mappabotting, The Buginese Tradisional Wedding

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Tradisional Wedding – Mappabotting. For the Bugis people, weddings are an obligation for the perfection of life. ”Elokni ri pakkalepu” which means becoming whole as a human being.

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This saying is always expressed to a Buginese couple before getting married. There are man y traditional steps that must be passed by a couple before entering marriage.

Mappabotting, The Buginese Tradisional Wedding

This custom is called Mappabotting

Mappabotting in the Bugis language means to carry out a wedding.

Its purpose is not only to unite two people in a new household, but also to unite two large families.

Because of this, every Buginese daughter and son is expected to be able to find a mate from

the family environment, whether from the mother or the father side.

With the reason to strengthen ties between families, matchmaking is limited to between Bugis families only.

Marriage will become prohibited if conducted with genealogical relatives of the Makassar ethnicity.

The Mappabotting wedding ceremony or party is usually held at the houses ol each bridegnoom.

Only at the marriage covenant where all events are then carried out at the bride’s home,

beginning with the mappehre batting stage or esconing the bride.

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In general, Mappabotting consists of three stages: pre wedding, wedding party, and post wedding.

After an agreement for the date of marriage has been done and the invitations are delivered,

the next step is the mappatettong saropo or building a separate structure from the main house of the bride’s family. Mappabotting, The Buginese Tradisional Wedding.

This structure will later be used as the platform on the wedding day.

While waiting for the wedding day, the bridegroom is attended to, bathed, held a Oufah read-through event,

and recitated a litany or expression of thankfulness towards Allah SWT, After that, the bridegroomto-be will be purified or mapacci.

Mapacci is a ritual that is rich in inner nuances and full of meaning.

It is intended to purify the bridegroom arid eifirm the good intentions between both of them in raising a family.

After the series of pre wedding events are completed, then comes the day of the wedding,

In general, Buginese traditional events are alike to other weddings throughout Indonesia.

What differentiates it is at the end of the marriage covenant; an elder towards the room

of the bride to do ipasikawara or be touched escorts the groom.

The groom is welcome to touch some parts of the body of the via woman

that he has just married as a symbol of the starting point of blessing and happiness in the household.

After the wedding party ends, there are still a series of other events such as the malluka, grave pilgrimage, and massita beseng.

At the mailuka botting, the traditional clothes and accessories worn by the bridegroom are taken off.

The next day is continued with the pilgrimage to the graves of their ancestors.

This is then continued With a visit to a number of the close family and relatives or Massita Beseng.

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What is considered a conventional wedding?

The primary established form of marital relationship recognized in a provided nation or spiritual or social team at a provided time: Because society, traditional marital relationship requires the families of the future groom and bride to take part in routine visits and trade presents.

What are the 4 components of a conventional wedding?

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  1. The Processional. To begin with, the processional.
  2. Words of Invite. Once everybody is in position, the officiant will say a couple of words of invite.
  3. Analyses.
  4. Officiant Addresses Pair.
  5. Trade Pledges.
  6. Ring Trade.
  7. The Kiss.

What are the traditional wedding rules?

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  • You must wear a white dress.
  • You must wear a gown.
  • The bride can’t be seen before the event.
  • Visitors of the bride and the bridegroom should rest independently.
  • You must stroll down the aisle to “Here Comes the Bride”.
  • You must offer cake.

What does a conventional bride resemble?

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What is the distinction in between wedding and traditional marital relationship?

A wedding celebration is an event where 2 individuals are unified in marital relationship. Marital relationship is a lawfully or officially recognized union in between 2 individuals.

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